Europe's leading gallery specializing in Disney art and Disney collectibles
  Europe's leading gallery specializing in Disney art and Disney collectibles
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Europe's largest and leading gallery specializing in world class Disney art and collectibles



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Disney Collectibles


Carl Barks – Gold Plate Edition: This Dollar Saved My Life at Whitehorse

Carl Barks – Gold Plate Edition lithograph: Always Another Rainbow

Carl Barks – Progressive proof set – Blizzard Tonight

Two large, beautifully framed regular edition lithographs

Extremely rare The Expert lithograph

Mardi Gras Before the Thaw – Golden Anniversary Edition in Disney licensed frame

Sought-after Mickey Mouse litho by Eric Robison available again!

Rare Gold Plate Mini Litho by Carl Barks

7 lithographic preliminaries added to our Carl Barks gallery

Two extremely rare, hand-signed Mike Peraza prints

Original oil painting by Mike Peraza

New original Mickey Mouse painting by Eric Robison

New original Scrooge cloth creation by Patty Peraza

New original Scrooge painting by Eric Robison

2 x Live It Up lithographs by Carl Barks

Gladstone Gander’s lucky watch!

Uncle Scrooge in Color – rare, signed Carl Barks book

Dancing in the Rain – lithograph by Eric Robison

Black Gold, Yellow Gold! by Carl Barks

In Uncle Walt’s Collectery by Carl Barks

8 original drawings by Carl Barks

New Darkwing Duck pastel by Mike Peraza

Trespassers Will Be Ventilated – gold plate edition in the original Disney licensed frame

The ever-popular Donald Duck portrait print by Carl Barks available again

Carl Barks Treasury in stock again

New Gallery Disneyana+ items available for purchase online

Rare Carl Barks glass etching

Family Size Job – ultra rare glass etching

Afoul of the Flying Dutchman by Carl Barks – gold plate edition

New limited-edition art and collectibles by Mike and Patty Peraza

2 sericel prototypes featuring the art of Carl Barks

Unused cover study by Carl Barks – available for sale at BogForum in November

New fine art print by Patrick Block in our Carl Barks tribute series

New product: Duckburg Cheer christmas ornament

Fifty Stingy Years Worth fine art tile set – including a unique prototype

Extremely rare Time Out For Fun progressive proof set by Carl Barks available at BogForum

Complete set of offically released and identically numbered Carl Barks mini lithos in Disney licensed frames available at BogForum

Till Death Do Us Part, GPE in original Disney-licensed frame available now

New Gallery Disneyana+ Collection watch available!

The Carl Barks Ducate Set – now available in silver. Limited to 20 sets.

MobilePay added as payment solution

Gold plate litho by Carl Barks – in the original Disney licensed frame

14 mini lithos by Carl Barks

Three new original artworks by Patrick Block

Two new print releases in Patrick Block’s portrait series