Europe's leading gallery specializing in Disney art and Disney collectibles
  Europe's leading gallery specializing in Disney art and Disney collectibles
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Complete set of Carl Barks lithographs from Edition 313 in stock now!

Return to Plain Awful – Gold plate edition

Two inks by Wilma van den Bosch

Original art by Eric Robison available for the first time in several years!

AP #1 of Tantrum on the Way bronze by Carl Barks now available

Original artwork by Carl Barks and Patrick Block

Exclusive gold embossed fine-art print by Patrick Block

This Dollar Saved My Life at Whitehorse porcelain sculpture

New batch of the popular Carl Barks prints with original signature

Carl Barks Eureka porcelain figurine in stock again

First product update of 2021: Carl Barks Gold Plate Edition lithograph

Final product update of 2020: An extremely rare Carl Barks glass etching

Blizzard Tonight, gold plate edition #1/100

Exclusive new gallery Disneyana+ limited edition watch

Official Disney jewellery now available

Patrick Block’s new mini lithos in stock now!

3 new product updates; 2 by Carl Barks and 1 by Patrick Block

New artist joins Gallery Disneyana+

Two new mini lithos by Patrick Block available for pre-order now

Patrick Block’s ‘Afoul of the Flying Dutchman’ prints in stock now!

Extremely rare Carl Barks progressive proof set

Gallery Disneyana+ to offer limited edition sculptures in 2021 in collaboration with sculptor Gary Pilla

This year’s “Christmas Card” by Patrick Block

New fine art giclée print by Patrick Block (after Carl Barks) available for pre-order now!

Three new pastels by Mike Peraza!

Two large gold plate edition lithos added to the gallery.

We have launched our own Youtube channel

Two original portrait watercolours by Patrick Block

Gold plate litho featuring one of Barks’ best winter scenes

Two new portrait prints released

Extremely sought-after GPE lithograph

New artist represented by Disneynana+!

Popular Eric Robison lithograph in stock again!

Original cover concept by Barks!

In the Cave of Ali Baba GPE added to our Carl Barks gallery

17 identically numbered Carl Barks mini lithos

2 new world class pastels by Mike Peraza

New extremely rare and sought after Carl Barks bronze AP 1/8!

One of the very best of the Carl Barks mini lithos – Visitor From Underground – available again in Gold Plate Edition

The rarest deluxe edition Golden Fleece serigraph with the best provenance now available!

3 exclusive Disney Star Wars prints available for a limited time only

2 new Carl Barks Gold Plate Edition lithos

Limited edition Carl Barks layout print for Halloween in Duckburg

New extremely rare and sought after bronze AP 1/8!

8 new lithographic preliminaries added to our Carl Barks gallery