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Over the years, various books have been published about Carl Barks’ art, etc. Several of these were published in limited, numbered and signed editions. Some of these very rare editions are offered here.

Carl Barks Treasury

This book features pasted-in reproductions of forty  color pencil sketches by Carl Barks. In line with the Uncle Scrooge theme, the book is presented in a gold tone dust jacket in an oversized black clamshell case with a locked safe design, cushioned by shredded “City of Duckburg” faux hundred-dollar bills. This limited edition includes a certificate signed by Barks and is numbered 279 out of 1000.


Uncle Scrooge McDuck – His Life & Times

This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful Disney books ever released. It was also the book that initiated the era of Carl Barks’ Disney lithographs. The book was published in 1981 by Another Rainbow, and no expenses were spared on the attention to detail in this lovely, leather-bound luxury edition. The book is limited to 5000 numbered copies – of which this is number 4749 – and contains 376 pages. Its contents include, among other things, 11 Barks stories and a special story called “Go Slowly, Sands of Time,” which was made ​​especially for this release. The book is accompanied by a signed and identically numbered lithograph titled “Wanderers Of Wonderlands”. Many of these sets consisting of book + lithograph have been separated through the years, so today the are not that many complete sets left on the market. To top it all off, this copy of the book is still housed in its original, unopened shrink-wrap (although it has become detached in a few places) with the lithograph housed inside for what can only be described as a mint condition unopened set – something that for this particular book must be said to be beyond rare these days. This is a superb book which should be included in all serious Disney collections.


Mickey Mouse in Color – Rare Gold Plate Edition

This deluxe coffee table book ranks among the finest and most complete books ever produced by Another Rainbow. It was produced in two limited editions. The first ‘regular edition’ was released in 3000 copies. The second ‘Gold Plate Edition’ was limited to just 100 copies. This 248 page marvel is GPE #84/100. It features in-depth articles and photos and much more from the Mickey Mouse artist above them all: Floyd Gottfredson. In addition, a good part of the book is dedicated to Carl Barks who also drew Mickey Mouse (especially during the early days of his Disney career). The book includes a numbered 7-inch record featuring a conversation between Bruce Hamilton, Carl Barks and Floyd Gottfredson. This amazing, limited edition book is hand-signed by Carl Barks and Floyd Gottfredson.


The Fine Art of Walt Disney’s Donald Duck by Carl Barks

Arguably one of the most exclusive Disney books ever published and an absolute must-have for the avid Carl Barks collector. This luxurious book which is housed in a just as beautiful case contains images and text and descriptions of the 122 oil paintings produced by Carl Barks in the period 1971-1976. The book was published a single edition of 1875 signed and numbered copies, of which half are bound in royal blue tleather and the other in burgundy leather. The book offered here is number 1773 from the blue version and both the book and case are in perfect condition.


Uncle Scrooge In Color

This book was published by Another Rainbow in 1987 in connection with Scrooge McDuck’s 40th anniversary. Book and dust cover are in mint condition and the slipcase is in NM condition. This book contains 90 pages of material on everybody’s favorite miser. The book among other things includes the first story featuring McDuck: Christmas On Bear Mountain and a wealth of articles, etc. The book is signed by Carl Barks and numbered 394/750.


Carl Barks (3)

Animal Quackers

This luxuriously leather-bound book contains descriptions and pictures of the many beautiful and imaginative oil paintings and watercolors painted by Carl Barks during the period in which his license to make art with Disney characters was revoked as well as from the period before he even began making paintings with Disney ducks.

The book was released in a single edition of only 1000 numbered copies and is accompanied by a signed and identically numbered lithograph.

This set is completed by the addition of a very rare original brochure, which was originally release to promote the publication of this book.

The whole set (book, lithograph and brochure) is in beautiful condition.


The Carl Barks Library

This is the complete set featuring Carl Barks’ collected works in English and released by Another Rainbow during the period 1983-1990. It consists of 30 exclusive bound books distributed over 10 cassettes and contains all of Carl Barks’ more than 500 stories in the original black/white format in more than 7000 pages. The set is in perfect condition and is practically unobtainable as a complete set these days.

The first and to date still the best and most original and worked-through publication of Carl Barks’ collected works. It simply does not get any better than this.