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Carl Barks’ bronze figurines and sculptures are among the most coveted of all Disney collectibles and it is easy to see why. Their high levels of detail,  depth and beautiful patina has fascinated fans and collectors ever since the first figurine was released at a Disney convention in the mid-1990s. At Disneyana+ we will do our best to offer a selection of these extremely rare and sought-after bronze works.

Sheriff of Bullet Valley

Available here is one of the highly desirable and always very sought-after limited-edition Carl Barks bronzes. This lovely bronze is based on the classic Four Color #199 comic book story by Carl Barks. The bronze was sculpted by Paul Vought subject to Barks’ input. The bronze was cast at Parks Bronze Foundry in a limited edition of only 200 of which this is number 173. Carl Barks was present at the 1995 Disneyana Convention during which these bronzes were sold. Both he and Mr. Vought signed the beautiful marble base. In fact, Mr. Vought also signed the base one extra time on the reverse, making this one of few bronzes featuring no less than three signatures. This bronze is in beautiful condition with a fine and clear patina and all the signatures are still sharp and readable. The bronze stands approx. 35 cm tall and is accompanied by the original certificate of authenticity which is also signed by Barks and Vought.

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Sport of Tycoons (AP!)

Once again, we have gotten a hold on one of Barks’ amazing bronzes. And this one is special in so many different ways!

First of all, it is the highly popular and extremely sought-after Sport of Tycoons bronze which was the very first bronze ever produced by Carl Barks Studio. It was released at the 1994 Disneyana Convention in Anaheim and sold out immediately. Only 100 regular edition bronzes + a small number of artist’s proofs were ever created making it the holy grail of bronzes to many collectors, as a SoT bronze is rarely seen on the secondary market.

The bronze offered here is not only one of the extremely rare APs but also the very first one made by the bronze foundry and shipped to Carl Barks. It was in his possession for some time until it was acquired by his then-current manager, Kathy Morby, who kept it in her collection until recently. So here is a very rare chance of owning a bronze that can be traced back directly to Carl Barks and his Carl Barks Studio – a better provenance is impossible to come by.

The bronze is in perfect condition and measures approx. 42 x 20 cm and stands approx19 cm. tall on the original marble base which has also been signed in gold ink by the Duck Master himself. Accompanying this desirable bronze is the rare original, hand-signed certificate of authenticity.

If you are looking for the holy grail of Barks bronzes in the rarest of all editions, with an unbeatable provenance and accompanied by the original CoA then this is your chance!



Tantrum On the Way (AP #1)

The Carl Barks Studio produced this incredible bronze bust of short-tempered Donald Duck exclusively for Walt Disney Attractions. The limited run was sold at the annual Disneyana Convention in 1997 (where it sold out in 1 day), and has an etched Carl Barks signature on the back, along with an etched scene from Carl’s Donald Duck story in Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #74 (1946).

The bust stands approx. 52 cm. tall on a black marble base. It is in near perfect condition and accompanied by the original CoA.

A total of 200 busts + 5 prototypes (PT) and 5 artist’s proofs (AP) were made of which this is AP #1! So once again, we are able to offer the most desirable number of the entire edition with the best provenance imaginable.

This is the QUINTESSENTIAL collectible for any Donald Duck fan and will for certain be the centerpiece of any collection. After all, who would not want to own the best Donald Duck bronze bust ever created with the best number of them all and with a provenance going directly back to Carl Barks and The Carl Barks Studio.


Hands Off My Playthings 

Scrooge throws a temper tantrum in this amazingly rare bronze figure which ranks among the very best ever released by Carl Barks Studio. It was produced by sculptor Bruce Lau from Carl Barks’ identically titled oil painting. The bronze is produced in a limited edition of 176 figures (of which this is number 39) and was released (and sold out) at the 1997 Disneyana Convention.

This exquisite bronze measures approx. 32 x 15 cm and is in pristine condition and accompanied by the original CoA which is also signed and numbered by Carl Barks.



McDuck of Duckburg Prototype Bronze

This ultra rare limited edition bronze bust of Uncle Scrooge was released at the 1997 Disneyana Convention in Orlando, Florida, where it sold out immediately – and tripled in resale price during the convention weekend.

McDuck’s face features a metallic silver finish, as well as a lighter silver hue for his eyes. His collar has a highly polished gold finish, and dollar signs are frozen in the pupils of his eyes. This gag was inspired by the Carl Barks comic books. Carl Barks directed that the figure be fashioned after his early 1950s version of Scrooge McDuck, characterised by het long beak and plenty of feathered side-chops. The coins on the marble base were designed by Carl Barks. The bronze was sculpted by American master sculptor Steve Parks . The sculpture stands approx. 45 cm tall and weighs in at approx. 22 kg. It is in near-perfect condition. The bust is accompanied by the relevant certificates from the Carl Barks Studio where it has been kept in storage ever since it was produced in 1996. To top it all off it comes in the original box in which it was shipped from the Parks Bronze Foundry to the Carl Barks Studio.

This bronze bust ranks as the rarest and most sought after of all the Barks bronzes ever put into production with just 60 busts ever being made.  The regular edition consisted of only 50 bronzes, in addition to which 5 Artist’s Proofs were created. These 55 bronzes were preceded by 5 prototypes; all of which contained details that differed from each other. One prototype e.g. featured a gray collar on Scrooge instead of the gold collar that was used in the final production run. The bust offered here is the ultra-rare Prototype #4/5. This bronze bust does not vary from the officially released version. It must thus be assumed that the prototype bust offered here is the one that was put into production (making this the very first ‘proper’ version of McDuck of Duckburg).

The Barks bronzes are extremely popular and highly collectible investment items. Most of them have increased dramatically in value in recent years and just last year a regular edition version of this bronze broke all records by reaching sales prices exceeding USD 15,000.


Self Control Bronze Tree

This bronze tree may at first glance appear like a serious oddity but it is in fact an official – and extremely rare – Carl Barks collectible.  The figurine on the tree is the ‘Self Control’ figurine which was produced by the Carl Barks Studio and offered for sale at a Disneyana Convention in the mid-1990s. These conventions were also the venue for a specialty auction featuring unique collectibles. This bronze tree was produced for such an auction.

An excerpt from the accompanying letter of authenticity reads:

“The bronze figurine manufacturing process is fascinating.  The wax cast is produced from the sculpt, individually.  The pieces are then attached to a sprew – which holds them all together for the casting they are covered in a cement like material – then heated to the 2000 degrees Fahrenheit required to melt the wax and then melt the bronze into the mold. When the bronze comes out of the heat it looks like the attached figurine i.e. in parts.  The Carl Barks Studio had two of them finished and patina-ed.”

One of these two figurines was sold for a very high amount at the Disneyana auction, while the other tree (this one) was kept in the Carl Barks Studio collection.

The figurine measures approx. 50 x 20 cm on its detachable black marble base. It weighs approx. 20 kg and is – as stated above – accompanied by an official letter of authenticty from the Carl Barks Studio. Only two such bronze trees were ever created making this one a borderline unique item for the picky collector.


The Wadfather

In 1996, the Carl Barks Studio planned to produce a bronze relief (a 3D bronze image) as a successor to the bronze figurine, Tantrum On The Way, which had been a huge success the previous year. Approx. 6 prototypes of the bronze relief were made. These prototypes were submitted for approval by the Walt Disney Studios, which, however, refused to licence production of more reliefs. With the rejection from the Walt Disney Studios, these prototypes became some of the rarest collectibles ever produced by the Carl Barks Studio. This relief is numbered AP 1/8, and comes with a COA. It is framed in a beautiful double gold and black coloured wooden frame that fully complements the relief’s impressive visual expression. This unique high-end work will without a shred of a doubt form the centerpiece of any Disney collection.


Thru the Mirror

Thru the Mirror is a great Mickey Mouse short that was a parody of sorts of Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass. David Hand directed this short, which was released on 5/30/36. There is some very innovative animation in this film. Carl Barks, who began at the studio as an in-betweener, was an uncredited storyboard/gag writer on this short. In honor of his work on this cartoon, The “Mickey Thru the Mirror” Bronze statue was unveiled at the Orlando-based Disneyana convention in September, 1995. This is the wonderful and innovative Bronze that has Mickey dancing on a piece of film-strip, in honor of him dancing on the globe in the short. The delicate detail is striking. The Bronze is 42 cm tall on a marble base with a large 25 cm diameter. The edition on this bronze is only 200, and this is #58. The base is signed in gold pen by Carl Barks (1901-2000) and artist Paul Vought.