Carl Barks Studio

The Carl Barks Studio was established in 1993 and was operational until 1998. It was spearheaded by Kathy Morby and Bill Grandey who also acted as Barks’s managers during the same period. The Carl Barks Studio handled every from sales of original Carl Barks art to production of limited edition collectibles ranging from signed and numbered lithographs and prints (shown in this category) to fine art bronzes and glass etchings (found elsewhere on this website).

Black Gold, Yellow Gold (They Keep a Guy From Getting Old!)

Rare lithograph given to the attendees of a Carl Barks banquet in 1995. Produced in a regular edition of 210 prints of which this is number 113. This lithograph is signed and numbered by Carl Barks. The lithograph is accompanied by an fascimile letter and a photo of Carl Barks holding the original watercolour – both of which are also numbered 113/210. The lithograph is in mint condition and professionally framed to a total size of  approx. 51 x 36 cm.