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  Europe's leading gallery specializing in Disney art and Disney collectibles
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Original art

Original art

Carl Barks’ original Disney art is among the most expensive and desirable comic art in general. It is a well-established fact that Barks’ oil paintings sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars at international auctions. At Disneyana+ you will sadly not find any of Barks’ original oil paintings, however, we will strive offer a solid selection of other beautiful original investment-grade works by the good duck artist.

Nobody’s Spending Fool

Highly detailed prelim study for the identically titled oil painting which is regarded among his very best. This beautiful study was drawn by Barks in 1974. It is in very good condition and framed to a total size of 50 x 60 cm.


Reading the Scandal Sheet

This detailed original sketch is from 1972 and based on its level of detail it is one of the last preliminaries Barks made before he started on the actual oil painting. This framed study measures approx. 50 x 60 cm. and is in very good condition. The paper has yellowed over time (which is to be expected) but the image is still as crisp and clear as the day Barks created it.


Return to Plain Awful

This beautiful and extraordinary colour study for the oil painting titled ‘Return to Plain Awful’ was created by Barks sometime around 1988. The artwork which is rendered in coloured pen on transparent film measures approx. 23 x 36 cm and has been professionally framed to a total size of 55 x 32. The art is not signed but it is accompanied by an official certificate from Jerry Weist who was the greatest Barks art expert of all time. It was also Weist who curated the Carl Barks Estate Auction back in 2007 which also included this beautiful artwork.