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  Europe's leading gallery specializing in Disney art and Disney collectibles
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Original art

Original art

Carl Barks’ original Disney art is among the most expensive and desirable comic art in general. It is a well-established fact that Barks’ oil paintings sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars at international auctions. At Disneyana+ you will sadly not find any of Barks’ original oil paintings, however, we will strive offer a solid selection of other beautiful original investment-grade works by the good duck artist.

The Treasure of Marco Polo

Beautiful and detailed cover study created by Barks sometime in the mid-1960s. For reasons unknown, this concept was shelved and never used by Barks to create an inked cover.

This original artwork is in pristine condition considering its age and is professionally framed to a total size of approx. 45 x 40 cm. It is of course hand-signed by the Duck Maestro.

Unused cover study art by Carl Barks is rarely offered for sale on the secondary market and with the rate by which Barks’ original art is appreciating these days, we do not expect this lovely investment piece remain available for long.

Will be available for sale at BogForum as of 5 November.

Mayday on the Prairie!

Beautiful oil painting study rendered in pencil, pen and ink. This artwork provides an excellent and rare insight into Carl Barks’ creative process leading up to the finished oil painting.

The prelim is hand-signed and dated by Carl Barks. It was made in 1974 for the painting that was finalized in 1975. The art has been professionally framed in a black wooden frame with a white mat and matching black wooden inner border and behind museum quality reflex-free glass to a total size of approx. 60 x 45 cm.

This amazing study arguably portrays the bull’s hectic movements and Donald’s troubles better than the finished painting and would make a lovely addition to any Carl Barks collection.



Carl Barks art

The Makings of a Fish Story – colour prelim

Prelim study in colour on transparent plastic. Used for the creation of the oil painting titled The Makings of a Fish Story in 1988. Professionally framed to a total size of 33 cm x 30 cm with a total image area of approx. 21 x 17 cm.



Nobody’s Spending Fool

Highly detailed prelim study for the identically titled oil painting which is regarded among his very best. This beautiful study was drawn by Barks in 1974. It is in very good condition and framed to a total size of 50 x 60 cm.

Pending sale