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  Europe's leading gallery specializing in Disney art and Disney collectibles
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Disney Collectibles

This category will feature a varied selection of unique, limited edition, special investment-grade and/or high-end Disney collectibles that are not covered by our other gallery sections or categories.

Life-size Goofy statue

Finding Disney big figs on the collectibles market is beyond hard. Finding a life-size statue such as this Goofy can be nearly impossible. This impressive Goofy as a chef (with accompanying menu board) stands a whopping 142 cm tall. The statue is in very good condition with only a few minor flaws in the form of a minor tear and a few flakes of paint loss – all of which are shown in the photos. No major chips or breaks etc. Due to the large size of this item it is only possible for us to arrange shipping to the continental Europe (by further appointment).


Original Mickey Mouse + Disney Sign

This is a unique and authentic Mickey Mouse + Walt Disney sign.  According to our references, the sign has been used at a now closed-down ferry route between the UK and France to promote Disneyland Paris. The sign consists of two parts: the Mickey Mouse figure and the Disney letters, all of which are made of stainless steel. A colored film coating has been applied to the Mickey Mouse figure. This does show some wear in several places, most likely due to the fact that the sign has been mounted on an outside location. However, the sign is still in overall good condition and the stainless-steel elements are in particularly good condition with no visible flaws apart from a bit of surface spotting that can be polished to as-new condition.

The Mickey Mouse figure measures approx. 50 cm and the letters measure from 7 – 20 cm. Both the figure and letters are approx. 2 cm thick.  If you feel that this Mickey looks familiar, we can confirm that this sign was used as model to create the ‘Mickey’ silhouette statue released a couple of years ago as part of the Gallery Disneyana+ Collection.

Getting a hold on such an original and authentic Disney sign (and especially the Walt Disney letters) of this make and quality is practically impossible, so if you want to add something truly special and unique to your Disney collection, this is it!


Two-Gun Mickey Bronze by Paul Vought.

Extremely rare bronze sculpture by Paul Vought depicting Mickey Mouse on horseback with revolvers. Based on the 1934 cartoon ‘Two-Gun Mickey’.

This bronze is numbered A.P. 4/10 and is thus one of the highly sought-after artist’s proofs. Moreover, the bronze varies from the released limited edition in several ways; first of all, Mickey’s face is colored and secondly the bronze base sports an altogether different design.  The marble base also features a special title plaque. This whopper of a bronze measures 65.7 cm in height + the 3.7cm marble base with an arm span of 51 cm and a width of 36 cm.

Paul Vought first rose to Disney fame in the 1990s when he was chosen as sculptor of the first bronzes featuring images by Carl Barks. Bronzes by Paul Vought are few and far between and rarely show up on the secondary market making for solid investment pieces.

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The Life and Times of Uncle Scrooge McDuck by Don Rosa

This exclusive and rare book is the quintessential must-have for any Don Rosa fan. This faux leather-bound first edition of Don Rosa’s epic Scrooge saga was released in a single edition of just 1000 copies; all of which were hand-signed and numbered by Don Rosa. This book is #473/1000 and is in impeccable condition save for a small scratch on the front cover. To make this collectible even more appealing, we have included two prints by Don Rosa titled ‘The King of Klondike’ and ‘Hearts of Yukon’. Each print measures approx. 36 x 30 cm and they are of course hand-signed by Don Rosa.