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  Europe's leading gallery specializing in Disney art and Disney collectibles
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Gallery Disneyana+ Collection

Gallery Disneyana+ Collection

This section showcases the special strictly limited edition collectibles designed, produced and released by Disneyana+.

100% Inflation Proof

Limited edition numbered porcelain enamel sign featuring Scrooge McDuck!

This high-end, exclusive, numbered sign is produced in elegant white porcelain enamel of the highest quality.

The image is based on an original watercolor by Patrick Block titled “100% Inflation Proof” featuring our all-time favorite miser, Scrooge McDuck. The enamel sign measures 30 x 40 cm and is made in one single edition of a total of 100 signs + 10 artist’s proofs.

All signs are numbered on the back and are housed in a beautiful and identically numbered cardboard box with the inflation proof image on the front cover.

The signs are manufactured by the world’s leading manufacturer of porcelain enamel signs, so the quality is the very highest. In fact, a 50-year colour warranty is offered on the signs – and that is if the sign is mounted outdoors.


100% Inflation Proof – Artist’s Proof

Similar to the regular edition but limited to just 10 signs, each of which have been signed on the back by Patrick Block. In addition, Patrick has also made an original Scrooge drawing on each sign. To round off this special edition, each AP sign is accompanied by an identically numbered lithograph which is also signed by Patrick Block. Each lithograph has been framed to a total size of 50 x 40 cm.


Mickey Mouse

This newly-released limited edition Mickey Mouse silhouette statue is made of black powder-coated stainless steel.
It is limited to a single world-wide edition of only 200.
The statue is 50 cm tall and weighs 6.4 kg. It is accompanied by an identically numbered certificate of authenticity.