Lithographs in Disney licensed frames

The category is dedicated exclusively to Another Rainbow’s large and mini lithographs featuring the original frames licensed by the Walt Disney Corp. For each lithographic released by Another Rainbow, Disney licensed a special framing solution consisting of an aluminium frame and coloured mat(s) that were designed to emphasize and complement the colour themes in the lithographs. This was an exclusive offering available only to the collectors who originally purchased the lithographs directly from Another Rainbow upon their release. However, this framing solution was extremely expensive so the vast majority of buyers opted not to pay the extra fee for these frames. Consequently, these framing solutions have become collectors items in their own right. They are few and far between on the secondary market and in the case of some of the Gold Plate Edition lithographs they are borderline unique! Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we are able to offer arguably the world’s largest selection of Another Rainbow lithographs featuring these original Disney licensed frames. As a bonus feature for the connoisseurs and avid collectors among you, it is worth noting that most of these lithographs are Gold Plate Editions and several of them even come with the original shipping box from Another Rainbow. When it comes to Carl Barks’s lithographs, you will be pressed to find a more obvious high-end investment than these lithographs.

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