Oil paintings

Patrick Block’s oil paintings are both rare and highly sought after. First and foremost because his oil paintings can be seen as a direct continuation of Carl Barks’ glorious tradition of making detailed paintings with Disney images. Patrick is, however, not merely copying Barks; instead he uses his own ideas and he has his own approach and his own “touch”.Patrick’s oil paintings are also sought after because he is so thorough in his work that his production of oil paintings will never become large in quantity.In his heyday, Barks could produce 3-5 oil paintings in a single month, whereas Patrick spends close to half a year on each of his oil paintings due to the many layers of oil paint and lavish amount of details. The low supply and the large (and growing) demand has made the price of Patrick’s oils explode in recent years. Today, his oil paintings have soared well above the $25,000 mark and the price curve is only going one way: UP!

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