Time Out For Fun: A Set of Progressive Proofs


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This was to be the 18th mini-litho in the series, however, this lithograph was never officially released by Another Rainbow, making it rarer than Duck teeth. This progressive proof set includes the 23 layers of color used to create this amazing money-bin scene. Each print print features a gold foil edging and the final and 23rd print also a “Gold Plate Edition” embossed seal. The final print is signed by Carl Barks and numbered PP5. These prints – each measuring approx.  27.5 x 33.5 cm – are each in their own mylar sleeve, and then housed in a blue clamshell box. Accompanied by a detailed certificate of authenticity, which states: “The process colors represent multiple exotic combinations of inks that were used with each mixture or laboratory blend and are individually identified. In some cases, a plate or ‘color’ may have been run through the press a second or third time with different intensities of ink to achieve a desired effect. As an artist’s painting is incomplete until the last brush of color is added, the history of the making of the lithograph is built, step-by-step, by the addition of colors until the last progressive is printed. These proof sets show, layer upon layer, how the print looked at various stages of its production.”