Disgruntled Don Dorothy



This fine-art giclée is based on a watercolour which Patrick Block was commissioned to make in connection with a Carl Barks exhibition in 2010. Alongside the Carl Barks exhibition, a “The Wizard of Oz”-theme exhibit was also held, and therefore Patrick decided to combine these two themes into one. It is easy to see that this was done to the great displeasure of Donald Duck as he got to star as Dorothy. The lithograph is signed and numbered by Patrick Block and measures approx. 50  x 36 cm. Each print is accompanied by a hand-signed and identically numbered certificate of authenticity. The total edition of this lithograph comprises 58 prints: 50 regular copies and 5 remarqued’ artist’s proofs and 3 remarqued printer’s proofs. (* Patrick has made a small original drawing on each of the 5 artist’s and printer’s proofs).