Duckburg Cheer christmas ornament – Silver



Not only is this one of the newest additions to our own Gallery Disneyana+ Collection but it is also completely new product type in our range, namely exclusive and limited Christmas ornaments!

We have allied ourselves with the official manufacturer of Christmas decorations for the White House to create an exclusive collection of Christmas decorations with 3D effect in a very limited edition.

We have entered into an agreement to release a new limited ornament every year in gold and silver, respectively, in a single edition of 100 individually numbered copies.

This year’s image is an updated version of the ‘Duckburg Cheer’ scene, which – just like its predecessor that we released as a giclee print a few years ago – is created by Patrick Block.

The ornaments measure approx. 8 x 6 cm and are made of lightweight metal, which of course makes it possible to hang them on the Christmas tree without having to worry about the branches giving in.

On the reverse, the ornaments are laser engraved with title, designation and individual numbering, and to emphasize the exclusivity, each ornament comes in its own exclusive storage box with gold or silver lettering to match the colour of the ornament. The boxes also contain both a red and a blue ribbon so you can change it on the ornament according to your own preferences.