Eligible Miser


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Beautiful concept art in watercolour and coloured pencil used for the Epic Donald game that was sadly never released. In “Eligible Miser”, Scrooge and the boys see a little old model of a Victorian Mansion in the window of an antique store, and Scrooge buys it for his museum. It turns out to be haunted by a single little old spinster ghost lady who developes a crush on Scrooge and wants him to reside with her forever. Donald has to find a way to rescue Scrooge from her cookie baking nebulous clutches.

The artwork is signed by Block and professionally framed and matted to a total size of 38 x 50 cm. In perfect condition.

It is also shown in this video on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50doEJYcwv8&t=1211s) about Disney gaming projects that were never put into production. It is shown around the 32:58 mark.