Fifty Stingy Years Worth – tile set, including prototype


This is not just one, but two copies of the fine art tile Fifty Stingy Years Worth, produced by Carl Barks Studio in the 1990s in a very limited edition. The art tiles are extremely popular among collectors because the underlying production technique ensures that the colours in the tiles are both extremely deep and that they never fade.
What makes this set truly special is the fact that it consists of one of the officially released art tiles (the one on the right) as well as a unique prototype (the tile on the left). The latter features certain colours that were not used for the official release. Such prototypes rarely find their way into the collector’s market and this particular set has belonged to Carl Barks’ former manager from the time they were produced back in the 1990s until the gallery acquired them earlier this year.
Both tiles measure approx. 25 x 32 cm. and are mounted in a black frame measuring approx. 45 x 50 cm. To top it all off, both tiles are hand-signed by Carl Barks and accompanied by a letter of authenticity from Carl Barks Studio.
This is a completely unique and highly investment-worthy set with a strong provenance.