Golden Fleece – Deluxe Edition Artist’s Proof


If you are looking for a true Disney treasure and/or high investment-grade art then look no further!

This is without a doubt one of the most exclusive limited editions ever produced under Carl Barks’ auspices. This is the first of three silk screen prints (serigraphs) released in the exclusive Disney Art Edition and was produced in collaboration between the Walt Disney Corp. and Moross Studios in 1993.

This is a stunning reproduction print of Barks’ 1972 painting titled “Golden Fleece” and the quality is higher than anything else ever released as a limited edition Disney print outside the Disney Art Edition. This print was made using hand-done colour separations incorporating a staggering 96 colours!

Golden Fleece ranks as one of Barks’ masterpieces in its own right but there are other factors that make this deluxe edition print stand out from the crowd:

  • This was the first and only time that one of Barks’ images was printed on wood rather than paper and the end-result was beyond impressive to say the least!
  • The deluxe limited edition of Golden Fleece became extremely rare and sought after even before it was released, as about half of the edition was destroyed in a flood – so of the initial edition totalling 65 units (50 deluxe editions, 10 PP and 5 AP) less than 40 remain in existence today.
  • The print offered here is one of just 5 special proofs (APs) given to Carl Barks of which this is numbered AP 3/5. It was thus part of his personal collection before it was sold to an American high-end collector sometime in 1995-1996. When it comes to provenance this does not get any better and the 5 artist’s proofs constitute the rarest and most sought after of all the 65 (40!) deluxe editions and rarely – if ever – surface for sale on the secondary market.

This deluxe edition print is hand-signed and numbered by Carl Barks and housed in the original wooden frame featuring a gilded border insert. The framed artwork measures approx. 60 x 90 cm and is in mint condition and accompanied by the original CoA.

The Golden Fleece serigraph is a must-have in any serious Carl Barks collection and this is a unique chance to own the absolutely rarest of the rarest version of this serigraph with the best provenance and moreover in the 100% original frame and in the best condition imaginable.

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