Mickey Mouse in Color


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This exclusive collectible book was published in 1988 by Another Rainbow Publishing, featuring the works of Disney comic artists Floyd Gottfredson and Carl Barks. The book was released in a limited edition of 3000 individually numbered copies of which this is the low number 18/300. This hardbound book is signed in hand by Gottfredson and Barks and contains 248 pages (216 of which are in full color), with a Mylar dust jacket. 72 pages are devoted to the Mickey Mouse Sunday page by Floyd Gottfredson and an additional 72 pages featuring Mickey Mouse daily strips by Floyd Gottfredson. In addition, there are two Mickey Mouse drawings of Carl Barks that he submitted to the Disney Studios in the mid-1930s.The book contains special articles and interviews with Gottfredson and Barks, including rare drawings, photographs, and published art. Finally, each book contains an identically numbered 7-inch record, which features a portion of Bruce Hamilton’s interview with Floyd Gottfredson and Carl Barks in which the two creators reveal something very interesting about their favorite stories.