Officer Duck – complete set of original published Disney art by Tom Wood


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Last year, when we launched our category of original drawings from the golden age of Disney, we had – despite very persistent efforts spanning several years – only managed to get hold of a single set of drawings made by Hank Porter and one single drawing by Tom Wood. These were quick to find new owners, and ever since we have been tirelessly searching for other works by these two great Disney masters. However, we have to admit that this has been beyond difficult, as original works from these two Disney legends are few and far between, and when they finally appear, there are hordes of collectors, cultural historians and art lovers who want to get their hands on them.
For this reason, it is also a truly great pleasure that we here can present no less than 5 original works of art in ink, watercolor and gouache by Tom Wood. These are all 5 original artworks + the orignal title layout for the sequence ‘Officer Duck’, which Wood made for the Good Housekeeping magazine in January 1940. It is extremely rare to find such a complete set of finished and published original Disney art from the golden era offered for sale anywhere in the World.  These fantastic original works of art are also reproduced on page 227 of the book Walt Disney’s Mickey and the Gang; Classic Stories in Verse by David Gerstein.
This set belongs among the truly classic pieces of original Disney art from the Group’s golden age sporting the absolute greatest historical value – and it is also the first time ever that we at Gallery Disneyana+ can present something of such significant historical quality and importance by one of the true origial greats from the early Disney years. All 5 works of art plus title art are mounted in the original canvas mat and framed behind museum-quality glass to a total size of 85 x 69 cm. Considering the age, both the original art and the canvas mat appear in very good condition with no visual defects.
Do not miss out on this truly unique chance of adding this rare display of original highest-end Disney art culture history in top museum quality to your collection.