Orphan’s Benefit 5


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Original release date: 11 August, 1934

Rare original animation drawing from Donald Duck’s birth year.

“Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn!” Donald Duck just can’t seem to catch a break when he performs at Mickey’s Orphan’s Benefit. When he tries to recite “Little Boy Blue,” the audience of mischievous orphans keeps interrupting the unfortunate duck by blowing their noses! Although Orphan’s Benefit was Donald’s second appearance, the film was the first to significantly develop his character. Many of Donald’s personality traits first seen in Orphan’s Benefit would become permanently associated with him, such as his love of showmanship, his fierce determination, belligerence, and most famously his easily provoked temper.

The drawing comes in a specially designed black frame with double mat and museum quality glass measuring a total of 42 x 37 cm. Each drawing comes with a certificate of authenticity from Gallery Disneyana+.