Sixty Years Quacking – Bone China Figurine


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Donald Duck is a spry 60-year-old in this delightful and beautifully produced high-end and seriously rare figurine released by Another Rainbow Publishing in 1994. This detailed figurine commemorates Donald Duck’s 60th birthday and is based on Carl Barks’ painting titled “Hi, I’m Donald Duck!” Manufactured in England by Connoisseur of Malvern the hand-painted porcelain figurine stands approximately 35 cm tall on its wooden base, which measures approx. 19 cm across. The figurine appears in excellent condition with no flaws to note. The base carries the number 44 on the back, but 56 unsold figurines were destroyed in an arrangement with the Disney Studios and Another Rainbow, who reported the number of sold items as only 44. However, the items smashed were in random numerical order. Included with this porcelain figure is a hand-signed lithograph of the same title with matching edition number. The lithograph is housed in the original Disney licensed cherrywood frame designed specifically for this edition. Rounding off this rare set is a special edition booklet titled Carl Barks and the Disney Ducks which also includes the certificate of authenticity. Booklet and lithograph appear to be in excellent condition.

With only 44 figurines sold before the infamous destruction event following Barks’ death, only very few Barks collectors will ever be able to add this gem of a display piece to their collection. In fact, with just 44 figurines in existence (as per the year 2000) this is the rarest of the four mid-size figurines released by Another Rainbow. This is the first time ever that Gallery Disneyana+ has been able to offer this rare figrine for sale. So if you are looking for a true centrepiece for your collection, look no further!