Snow In Nowhere



This painting is titled ‘Snow In Nowhere’ and is based on the cover design for the story titled Somewhere In Nowhere. This story was the last one that Carl Barks actively contributed to, and Barks personally chose Patrick to pen the story.

Patrick Block’s oil paintings are outrageously rare, and this is the only one of Patrick’s oils to date, which is based directly on a sketch/design from Barks’ own hand.

Patrick’s approach to this painting was to render it in the same style as Barks would have done it. This is in particular reflected in the choice of colours and nuances. In Patrick’s own words, Donald Duck almost ‘pops out’ of the canvas.

This is a historical piece of artwork, which beautifully links the good duck artist to his artistic heir and protegé.

The oil painting measures 50 x 60 cm. unframed (65 x 75 cm. framed).