The Duckburg Duckates – brass set


Available on backorder


Exclusive, limited coin set designed by Carl Barks!

Officially approved and licensed project utilizing the original molds.

Gallery Disneyana+ proudly presents the first official collector’s item featuring a direct link to Carl Barks in more than 20 years.

The story: In 1997, Carl Barks Studio released the most extravagant and exclusive bronze piece to date in the form of the elaborate bust titled McDuck of Duckburg. This bust was produced in just 50 copies (plus  5 AP and 5 PP) and Carl Barks was deeply involved in the entire design process. It was also decided that the base on which the bust would be mounted should be decorated with additional exclusive features. To this end, Barks designed two detailed coins, which he called Duckburg Ducats (pronounced ‘duck-its’). These were molded and attached to the base, after which the molds were put away for storage. Thus, since 1997, only the lucky owners of one of these extremely rare bronze busts have had the pleasure of enjoying these beautiful and detailed Duckburg dimes. However, that is all about to change now. In 2019, Gallery Disneyana + acquired the original molds for these coins and entered into a production license with the relevant licensor. The coins are produced  in Denmark by a leading foundry with a focus on details and the highest quality. The coins are cast in brass, a finer metal than bronze, to give the best, clearest and most exclusive look. The front features Carl Barks’ original design, while the coins are numbered individually on the back by means of engraving.A total of 313 numbered sets featuring the two coins will be made. The coins are housed in an exclusive storage box and are accompanied by an identically numbered certificate book, which also contains the description of the history behind this release. The production process is extremely thorough, comprehensive and expensive, which is why only 10 sets will be produced at a time in chronological order (unless a certain number is ordered, which thus takes precedence).

So if you do not own your own lucky dime or coin, now you have the obvious chance of getting  no only one but two!

About the coins:

Metal: Brass

Edition: 313 numbered sets

Size: 4 and 2.5 cm in diameter, respectively (1:1 ratio to the coins used for the bronze busts)

Country of production: Denmark