The Golden Fleece – Remarqued Edition


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To this day, the series of Disney Art Edition serigraphs rank as some of the best and most lavish fine art silkscreen prints ever created.  The Golden Fleece is the first in this series and was released in 1993. With a total of 96 hand-applied colors, the depth of this masterpiece is second only to Barks’ original oil paintings. The Golden Fleece is a masterpiece in its own right and is one of the finest scenes ever created by Barks. This exclusive print has an image area of 30 x 60 cm and is framed in the original Disney licensed frame to a total size of 66 x 92 cm. This serigraph is number 19/100 from the extremely rare ‘remarqued’ edition which features a line art printed image of Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge, and the Nephews in the lower right, near the Carl Barks signature. This ‘extra’ image is based on the Barks oil painting titled ‘The Wadfater’. The serigraph is accompanied by the original CoA.

This is an extremely rare and stunning piece of art housed in an equally stunning frame and is of course accompanied by the original certificate of authenticity. This is a piece of high-qquality investment art.