The Money Lender


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Being one of the finest Scrooge portraits ever made by Carl Barks, the exclusive and very limited Money Lender lithograph stands out from the crowd in many different ways. Inspired by the famous Norman Rockwell stone lithographs recreated under the master’s guidance in the 1970’s by Atelier Ettinger Inc., of New York, Barks and Another Rainbow chose this studio to create this unique lithograph. This is the only Carl Barks lithograph made using the classic stone printing method. This approach  combined with the high-quality efforts of Atelier Ettinger Inc. gives this lithograph a truly deep and unique lustrous colour-tone compared to the other lithographic Carl Barks releases. This medium-size lithograph was produced in 1983 but was not released until 1997 to commemorate Scrooge’s 50th anniversary. It was printed in two different paper editions and the one offered here is the Papier d’Arches version. This lithograph is in near-mint condition and numbered 69of a limited edition of just 200. It has been professionally framed and matted in the exclusive Gallery Disneyana+ frame solution behind museum-quality glass to a total size of  63 x 53 cm. It is of course accompanied by the original certificate of authenticity from Another Rainbow.

This exclusive fine-art lithograph is counted as a true ‘must have’ in any serious Barks collection which is also the reason why this is just the second time in our gallery’s 12-year history we are able to offer one of these rare high investment-grade art gems for sale.