This Dollar Saved My Life at Whitehorse


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This massive porcelain sculpture was created in a collaboration between Another Rainbow and Capodimonte in 1998. Donald and his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie listen in as Uncle Scrooge tells his story, in this magnificent fine porcelain figurine.

The level of detail is incredible, as is the norm for Italian artist Enzo Arzenton, who followed Carl Barks’ painting faithfully. This item comes with two sets of edition numbers, that of the Italian firm Capodimonte (despite the 250 number, only 136 pieces were actually produced of which this is #90), and Another Rainbow, which issued 15 pieces.

The item rests on a wooden base, and is 31 cm tall by 40 cm wide by 31 cm deep. This piece is mint as issued and comes with the original storage/shipping box and includes the original certificate of authenticity plus quite a bit of porcelain documentation from the Laurenz Collection.

This is by far the largest and most lavish of all the officially released Carl Barks porcelains and would make for a stunning centerpiece in any Carl Barks collection.