Treasure Island of Golden Dreams – #1/1



For the discerning collector who wants to invest in something that no other collector can own, we now offer this exclusive high-gloss HD Chromaluxe print.

This beautiful print measures 50 x 38 cm and is printed on high-grade aluminum by the leading European printing company specializing in such exclusive product solutions. The result is a print of an unprecedented quality.

This exclusive collectible is signed in black ink marker on the reverse by Patrick Block. Also affixed to the backside is a plaque showing the Gallery Disneyana+ provenance, title and numbering.

Although 3 identical aluminum prints have been created, only one of them (this  one numbered 1/1) will ever be offered for official sale, thus making it a unique collectible. In existence is also an AP 1/1 which was given to the artist plus a PP 1/1 which will be retained by Gallery Disneyana+ for archival purposes.

No further Chromaluxe prints featuring the same image will ever be produced or released by the gallery, which is also warranted by the CoA accompanying this exclusive investment piece. To further attest to the above facts, the CoA has also been signed by Patrick Block as well as the owner and operator of Gallery Disneyana+.

Furhermore, the Chromaluxe aluminum prints will be reserved exclusively for our future releases in our limited tribute series in which Patrick Block uses his world-class watercolour skills to interpret some of Carl Barks’ best oil paintings.

As with this collectible, only 1 aluminum print will be offered for sale of each future image in this exclusive series.